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High quality standards are the main driver of a reliable automotive supply chain. Puninar Logistics experiences and expertise in auto logistics solutions have been recognized by customer we serve.

Our automotive logistics services allow customer to focus on the opportunities as well as the challenges. We deliver significant operational efficiencies, resulting in better control of customer supply chain process.

Our extensive Automotive solutions include:

Milk-run System

We collect customer requirement items of production at certain group of vendors, combine together and delivery up to progress line of customer place. In the next round, Our truck collect the cargo but in the same time also can return back the pallets. Benefit of Milk-run system:

  • Sharing Logistics Cost, multi drop
  • Just In Time Delivery
  • Truck Efficiency
Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI)

PDI serves as an inspection gate to filter non-conforming products from the supply chain before being delivered to customers. We check physical condition for unit before its enter vehicle storage and before delivery. PDI services consist of Regular Checking, Washing, Polishing and other inspection services.

Kitting & Assembly Services

With offering value added services such as kitting, bundling, packing and assembly process, we help customer reduce lead time and efficient their costs and inventory.

Distribution Center

Our Distribution Centers are warehouse facilities that store, manage, and ship inventory on behalf of its customer. A centrally located distribution center allows customer to focus more on the important aspects of business. Customer will save on manufacturing, inventory, and shipping costs.

Homologation & Certification Services

Puninar Logistics is experienced in a wide range of certification and homologation services for automotive products. We offer a diverse range of services to the automotive sector seeking type approval for its products.

Our type of homologation services:
1. Homologation for CBU Package
2. Homologation for CKD Package
3. Vehicle Registration & Inspection
4. Driving License