Multimodal Transportation

Own more than 650 unit Trucks with various type and size, 24 vessel, and 17 tug boat, Puninar Logistics created Transport Management System as a base for Transport Solution.

The mission of logistics management is to meet the right  requirement of goods to the right place, at the right time and at a desired condition, thereby providing benefits to the company.

In broad terms, the scope of logistics management activities include everything that move to, from, and between the facilities of the company.

With our asset & Vendor Management capabilities, we work hand-in-hand with our partners to provide our customer’s transportation needs, with multi-modal transportation mode.

Through an integrated and comprehensive management, Transport management system has manage all transportation activity throughout your supply chain activities. Combining ease of use with industry-leading capabilities, they enable you to reduce freight costs, optimize service levels, and automate processes so that you can run your logistics operations more efficiently.

Today, we have served more than 100 customers from various industries , send their products to more than 400 destinations in the region of Indonesia, Safety Management and Just in time delivery become our commitment that manage, plan, organize, and control the all delivery of the to achieve your goal / target effectively and efficiently.

Effective means that the goal can be achieved in accordance with the planning, while efficient means that tasks are properly carried out, organized, and right on schedule.