Electronic & Technology

Street-to-market speed is vital; Puninar Logistics gets your products to tech-hungry consumers before your competitors do.

Leveraging years of experience servicing international hi-tech brands, our seamless supply chain fully encompasses inbound and manufacturing, outbound and distribution, and after-sales and reverse logistics.

Our extensive Electronic & Technology solutions include:

Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI)

Our inbound logistics and VMI solutions ensure a continuous supply of raw materials fully support your production line, so you can focus on core business objectives.

Warehousing and Distribution

An extensive network of logistics centers and dedicated distribution teams provide TAPA-certified warehousing, inventory optimization, Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) management for finished goods, after-sales parts and more.

Value-added Services

Increasing your competitiveness, our services include RMA functional testing, production scheduling, postponement, in-transit assembly, configuration/conversion, and so on.

With our sophisticated supply chain visibility system, we provide seamless integration and guarantee full transparency and control throughout the supply chain. Delivering peace of mind to clients is our top priority.